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Wills & Estates

Wills and EstatesEstate law regulates wills, trusts, probate, and other aspects related to the management of estate planning and handling of a deceased person’s property. Legal coverage of wills and estates can extend to maintaining the property and wealth of the deceased and distribution of assets upon their death. Often times, complications occur once a client is already deceased, making this painful time even more difficult. Enlisting the assistance of those trained in the law surrounding estates and wills can help ensure that those complications do not affect the original intention of the client. Having extensive knowledge in this area of law practice, we at Goines & Wickizer, PLLC can confidently assist someone in the process of estate planning all the way through to the final steps of distribution and management after death. Our role is to assist clients in organizing their financial affairs so that upon death, their assets are allocated as they wish. We know the process of estate planning can occur over a lengthy period of time, and can involve many changes. This allows us to develop strong and trustworthy relationships with our clients and provide superior service to them in both their financial and personal matters. Schedule a consultation with Doug Goines today to further discuss your Wills and Estate questions. Call our firm at 252.726.2134 or send an email to doug@carteretattorneys.com.

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